Aachian Life


AACHIAN COUNCIL is representative structure of Students through which they become involved in all the activities of the school in collaboration with school administrators, staff and parents which impacts Aachi International School, the town, the state, the nation and change the world to be a better place to live for all the generations to come.

Listening to Students
to the views, opinions and ideas of all Students in the school.
Representing Students’ Views
Be a forum for Students’ concerns to be addressed in a diplomatic way to the School authorities.
Providers of Information for Peer Support
Provide the advisors with information of problems that Students have, e.g. peer pressure, bullying, etc. and the council can act as a peer support group supporting on a confidential basis about Students with problems, e.g. personal, social or teacher/student relationships.
An Educational Opportunity
The council is a learning tool. Students learn to think critically through involvement in the Aachiyan Council.
Enriching School Ambience
Create an optimistic school ambience feeding in all Students with a sense of dedication towards their school in order to improve the day-to-day conditions for Students, e.g. school uniform, food, drinks, toilets, breaks, etc.
Aachiyan-Teacher Relationships
The Aachiyan Council enhances and strengthens student-teacher relationships thereby making the school a joyful place for learning.
Refining & Redefining the learning environment
The council aids to refine and redefine the learning environment by clubbing both scholastic and co-scholastic activities of Students achieving the motto of our school ‘dedicate, motivate, educate and innovate’ which is pertinent to postmodern philosophy of education thereby birthing a better nation of tomorrow.
“True leaders never create Followers; they create Leaders.”

House System

Innovation Stay healthy; Stay happy Red
Education Unite to Know; Ignite to Glow Blue
Motivation My Heritage; My privilege Yellow
Dedication Go green; Go clean Green

Aachian Anthem (School Anthem)

Lead us to Truth
Lead us to Light
Lead us to joyous learning ever
Lead us to love
Bless us all with blissful life
Oh! Oh! It’s my school, my pride Jaya Jayahe.
Aachi’s my school Jaya Jayahe.

1. You are our home and our mother’s bosom
You are the source of true wisdom (2)
And you are the radiance of Vidya
Dispel the shades of avidya (2)

2. You are the way to our eternal life
You are our patron in all our strife (2)
And your dedication, motivation, education/
lead us to innovation that is your mission (2)

Aachian Creed (School Pledge)

We, the Aachians, stand before this distinguished fraternity, to solemnly vow that we will uphold the ideals of our school in true letter and spirit both individually and unitedly. We will revere and honour our parents, teachers and all elders in purity of our thoughts, words and deeds. We will strive unceasingly in all we do, to work together for the greater happiness of all and the glory of our country. In all these ways, we will endeavour to transmit the school to our successors mightier and more glorious with the sole motto of ‘dedicate, motivate, educate and innovate’.