CISCE – Assessment In Aachi International School


S.No. Subject External Internal
1. English Language & Literature 80% 20%
2. Second Language 80% 20%
3. Third Language 80% 20%
4. History & Civics 80% 20%
5. Geography 80% 20%
6. Mathematics 80% 20%
7. Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) 80% 20%
8. Computer Science 50% 50%
9. Physical Education 50% 50%

Internal & External Assessment Of Subjects – ISC

S.No. Subject Mode of Assessment Marks
1. English Language
External Examination (3hrs)
Internal Assessment (ASL)
2. Literature in English External Examination (3hrs) 100
3. Mathematics External Examination (3hrs) 100
4. Science
(Physics, Chemistry, Biology – assessment
in each subject is done separately.)
External Examination (3hrs)
Practical (3hrs)
Project work
Practical File

Assessment Of Socially Useful Productive Work & Community Service

Main Crafts/Services
Subsidiary Crafts/Services

Health & Hygiene




Cultural & Recreational

The areas of assessment of Socially Useful Productive work and community service may be classified as follows:

S.No. Areas of Assessment Marks
1. Preparation 05
2. Organisation 10
3. Skills 20
4. Research 10
5. Interest 05

Grades are awarded for the aforementioned assessment on a five point grading scale and the interpretation of grades is as follows:

Grade Standard Points per grade
A Very Good 10
B Good 8
C Fair 6
D Satisfactory 4
E Unsatisfactory 2

Multiple Practices Of Internal Assessment



Home assignments / Class assignments

Class assessment may include:

Oral Questioning



Individual Projects/Assignments

Speaking Skill (Language Subjects)

Reading Skill (Language Subjects)

Listening Skill (Language Subjects)

Writing Skill (Language Subjects)




Group Discussion

Group Activity

Projects (Investigatory Projects & Experimental Projects)

Action Plan

Survey – Collecting information on a relevant topic of study in a group

Rules of Assessment & Evaluation

Attendance is compulsory for all assessments held during the year failing which the student will be given zero. Consideration will be only on genuine medical grounds and that too at the sole discretion of the Principal only after the parents submit an application with photocopies of all relevant medical documents at school office or meet the Principal in person when required.

A minimum attendance record of 90% of the total number of working days in each term/unit is compulsory. In the eventuality a student misses classes due to health reasons the school will have the sole discretion in deciding waiver, if any. But even on medical grounds absence beyond 20% of working days will not be accepted.

There is no provision for reassessing students, who remain absent on the day of the assessment, or those who have failed in one or more subjects. Request for change in assessment dates or timings will not be entertained.

Unfair Means: Students found using any unfair means during any of the assessment, will be given zero in that subject and the student concerned will be counselled by the Principal. A repeat of such action in future will result in strict action with mutual discussion with the parents concerned and the school authorities.

The answer scripts of all written examinations will be distributed to students after evaluation within 5 days of the date of the exams. Errors in evaluation, such as mistakes in totaling, unmarked answers, etc., must be brought to the notice of the teachers concerned on the same day itself. Delaying this for even one day may result in ignoring the same while preparing the final result.