Motor skills are used everyday throughout our lives. They help us move and do everything from lifting heavy items to typing on a keyboard. Motor skills and motor control begin developing after birth, and will progress as children grow.

Aachi school

Why does my child need motor skills?

  To be able to explore the world around them, which promotes cognitive, speech, and sensory development

  To give them confidence and independence, which promotes skills such as executive function

  To possibly help prevent early motor delays and conditions that can interrupt development

  To be able to move and complete tasks independently

  To meet developmental milestones

Scholastic Competitions Co-Scholastic Competitions Celebrations/Field Trips
Paint your dream
It’s my pose
Sing in a rhyme
Art by heart
Picture Talk
Tale Teller
Brain Booster
Toy Building
Count the beads
Guess the object
Ring the target
Musical chair
Tower Haste
Dice balance
Blowing challenge
Tweeze me
Zig Zag Running
Balloon bursting
Floating Brinjals
Fitness studio
Ping Pong Toss
Pin the Rubber band
Pencil the bangle
Pick the buttons
Getting ready to school
Arranging coins
Popcorn garland
Fresher’s party
Colour day
Smiley Day
Nutrition day
Field trip
Raksha Bandhan
Kite day
Krishna Jeyanthi
Butterfly making
Gallery walk
Diwali Celebration
Camp out day
Umbrella/ Rain dance
Community Helpers day
Christmas Celebration
Doll Making
Pongal Celebration
Hygiene kit (Paper bag)
Nature walk
Cartoon day