Career Guidance & Counselling

The beauty of a child's mind is that it is open to everything, and instead of treating it as a dumping yard for facts, various ideologies and mere theories, we, at Aachi International School, move on with full of confidence and zeal to nurture and enhance these wonderful minds with the art of thinking, questioning, creating, dreaming, innovating and ultimately educating children in a manner that would not only help the child ace an exam but also set him/her on the path of life with a strong belief in himself/herself and an ability to achieve anything that he/she aspires.

Though the learning experience is vast and it does not end at any point in life, school is where it all begins. Each child has the innate drive to achieve his/her maximum potential and it is our sole responsibility to guide him/her along the best path by helping him/her understand his/her environment, recognize available opportunities and deal with the challenges of life and society. With our Career Guidance programmes from time to time by eminent career counselors, we strongly believe that our versatile young talents will not only bloom into doctors, engineers, scientists, officers, musicians, teachers, businessmen, artists, astronauts and executives that they dream of evolving but will also set the world ablaze with their innovative ideas, creative contribution to society with moral righteousness and will serve as a sturdy inspiration to millions. We take pride in the thought that we are one of the real potters to shape and mould the growth of these magnificent achievers of tomorrow.