Campus Life


Aachi International School prides itself on its high standard of discipline & code of conduct of Students. We expect all our Students to adhere to the code for:

  • Personal hygiene, attendance & punctuality
  • Good manners, Language & conduct
  • Love and Respect for others, school, its property & reputation
  • Obedience to school rules & regulations in all areas

Any breach of code of conduct could result in strict warning or reprimand. In extreme cases, this could also result in suspension or rustication of the ward. The decision of the School Managing Committee would be final and binding in all such cases.

The school reserves the right to terminate the continuance of students with unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad example for others.

Students who are escorted to and from school in the care of servants or other domestic staff may not leave the school premises without their nominated escort. In case of a delay in the arrival of such escorts, they should report the matter to the school office.

Observance of the following is compulsory for all students and deviations will lead to serious steps.

Every student must carry school Almanac to school every day and use it productively.
Uniform is compulsory during school hours and for all school functions including all such instances where students are representing the school outside.
Uniform must always be neat and clean. I-Card is a part of the uniform and must be worn at all times.
Bullying and the use of foul language are punishable offences, whether in or out of school. Students found using the same will be expelled.
Damaging or disfiguring any school property may result in expulsion from school.
Students are prohibited from bringing any CD or other storage devices like floppies, pen drives or I-pods, without due permission.
Bringing mobile phones, cameras, expensive articles, etc., to school is strictly forbidden.
It is mandatory for all students, unless instructed otherwise to be present for festivals and functions celebrated in and outside the school.
The school is committed to protecting the environment and expects its students to be environment friendly in all their actions. The use of poly- bags (plastic bags) is, therefore, strictly prohibited in the school and students should consciously avoid their use for any purpose.
It is compulsory for students to achieve 90% attendance in each term in order to be eligible to take the end-of-term assessment. This stipulation can only be relaxed on genuine medical grounds, at the sole discretion of the Principal.
There is no provision for half day leave, except on exam/test days which is permitted only in case of illness.
A student, returning to school after suffering an infectious or contagious disease, should produce a doctor’s fitness certificate permitting her/him to attend school.
No student who has been absent on the previous day will be allowed to attend class unless her/his parent has entered an explanation stating the reasons for the absence, in the ‘Record of Non-Attendance’ section of the almanac for each day the student has been absent from school. In case a child reports to school without an explanation in almanac, then the parents will be summoned to school and asked for an explanation.

Child will be marked absent if s/he were taken home by parents/guardians/authorized persons during schools hours, in case of function or any other event except for illness even if it were to be an examination/ test day. Child will be awarded zero for the exam taken on that particular day.
Repeated absence without notice or unexplained absence without written application for more than six consecutive days demands both the parent and students to meet the Principal in person for further proceeding.
All students are expected to attend school on the reopening day immediately following the vacations. Absence on the day of reopening of the school will attract strict disciplinary action.
Absence for more than 10% of total number of working days may result in detention of the child in the same class. Even on medical grounds a student cannot remain absent for more than 20% of total working days.
Students are expected to reach school 10 minutes before the start of school assembly. Students repeatedly arriving late, without a plausible explanation will be given strict warning and on continuation subject to disciplinary action.

If, due to certain exigencies, a student has to leave the school campus during school hours, the following have to be sincerely observed:

The outpass must be obtained from the office and parents have to hold on for ten minutes for their ward to reach them with the baggage and outpass signed by the Principal and the class teacher.
The outpass has to be left back with the Security at the gate for any future reference.

Classroom Etiquette

We raise our hands to share

And help our friends with care

We use our voices Soft and Sweet

And keep our classroom neat

We follow what our teachers say

And do our best every day

Regulations of School Transport

Regulations of Resource Centre

Code of Ethics for Staff

Regulations in Lab


Self Declaration Of Students