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Director - Aachi International School

Director - Image Sri Aachi Groups



To educate the young minds with passion and compassion enhancing their knowledge and skills on a global platform thereby elevating their future to a meaningful and happy life.

Personal Skills

A person with passion for educating the young minds with the sole motto of innovation, education, motivation and dedication

Possessing exceptional skills in Civil Engineering professionally, and a staunch, zealous caliber in administering school at the noble cause of educating the children

Academic Exposure

An average student in schooling at hometown

Inspired by a live subject, took to B.E. Civil Engineering under Anna University

Completed M.Tech., Structural Engineering in SRM University

At SRM’s sponsorship, took up M.S., Concrete Technology at Dundee University, United Kingdom


Gold Medalist in the project “Concrete Families” at Dundee University, United Kingdom

The project is being used by the UK Government as the best one until now

Assistant Professor in Engineering Colleges

Got through TNPSC Combined Civil Service Examination by 2012

Gazetted designation being held currently in TN government

Pioneer in start of the Lions Club by Engineers at Usilampatti

Having been awarded for several public societal services

Director – Sri Aachi Groups since 2010


“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”-Galileo Galilei

In a time when education is all about how much a child scores and how close to a perfect cut-off he or she can get, the true art of teaching can sometimes be forgotten.

As a result, families have become ignorant of a child's creative needs and consequently failing to teach them the important life skills but pressurizing them to achieve and accomplish more and more in terms of grades & marks with intent to make a living and not exactly to live.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think.” In order to learn facts, it is sufficient for a person to regularly visit a library. But the value of a school education is to train the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks. It is to create the capacity of integrated understanding and an ability to use the knowledge intelligently. These are fundamental aspects of the ethos of education that we aspire for even today.

Wishing all teachers, parents and children a happy schooling forever!