Life-in-Me Programme

Every human has a choice whether to live as a human being, or a rodent or a reptile – it is a whole range of choices. When we are physically born, the day we come out of our mothers’ wombs, it is the birth of a possibility. Biology just delivers you as an animal. It is you who can make yourself into a full-blown human being, or a divine possibility. This is something that one has to do. When he is willing, when the necessary awareness arises in a human being that he kills the animal within himself and allows the divine to flower, which is when birth becomes really significant. And students are guided to this possibility of self-realisation about their life.

All human persons have come here to live life and not to think about it. So why should we spend our all time trying to invent all kinds of purposes for life? If you explore the nature of this life that you are, you will know that life does not need any purpose—life is too phenomenal by itself. If you experience this life in its fullness, life is a purpose unto itself.